Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Upcoming April Events and Specials!

So, I have quite A LOT to offer you in April of 2017!

It's the fourth and final month of the Seasonal
Expressions (Spring) Catalog, so this is your last chance
to purchase any of the paper collections and stamp sets
that are featured in it only while supplies last!!
See all of our products & shop online here: 

My Scrapbooking "CREATE DATES" in April 
will feature your choice of 

or (if you missed or didn't finish the big 3/18 workshop) the 
UPTOWN Fundamentals & Snapshots
scrapbooking kits (or ANY other recent kit 
and/or cards you've missed and want to make-up)!

(at Jen's house)
Sunday 4/9 (1pm-5pm)
Monday 4/10 (9am-Noon)
Saturday 4/15 (1pm-5pm)
Friday 4/21 (6-9pm)
Sunday 4/23 (1pm-5pm)
Monday 4/24 (9am-Noon)

Local customers,
please let me know your kit choice(s) by April 1st 
(IF you want to attend create dates on the 9th, 10th, or 15th!)
please let me know your kit choice(s) by April 15th
(IF you want to attend create dates on the 21st, 23rd, or 24th!)

As a special bonus for local customers this month only,
(an exclusive offer available only from me!!)
purchase BOTH of the scrapbooking kits shown above
and receive your choice of either (6) FREE 12x12 memory
protectors OR any current/recent Stamp of the Month set
that I have in stock, absolutely FREE!

In addition to this great deal for my scrapbookers, CTMH is also offering a great campaign during April (all month long!) that allows us to purchase and try either one or both of the Cut Above (pre-cut) layout kits shown here for half price!! If you haven't tried them yet, you will want to, as these page kits are so much fun, so easy, and fast to put together!

(with a retail value of $14.95 each, these kits are only $7.48 each during April!!)

Watch here now, to see how quickly one 
of these pre-cut layouts goes together:

and finally...
an exciting announcement for all of my

I'm going back to offering one official evening CARD CLASS date each month where our focus will really be on cards and stamping techniques only (for the non-scrapbookers and scrapbookers alike) and I will have all-NEW card designs ready for you each month on this specific card class date. You can still come and create cards with me anytime throughout the month on any of the "create dates" I offer, but I'll introduce the NEWest card designs and techniques just once a month on the official card class date! I'm not yet quite ready to show you the cards we'll be making in April, but I am happy to show you that I'm using these adorable cards as my design inspiration:
...so you can expect that three of our four cards 
this month might look similar to these above
(you know how I like to fancy things up with 
extra techniques and embellishing!)

(featuring NEW card designs!)
Friday 4/21 (6-9pm)

and Lastly...

Saturday, May 6th
(Crop & Potluck!)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Background Stamping with the April Stamp of the Month!

Today I'm "So Happy" to share these two standard-size cards that I created for the weekly Heart 2 Heart Blog Challenge! The challenge this week was to create something using background stamping (also, sometimes known as random stamping),
and this was my final result!

I used the upcoming April Stamp of the Month, Flock Together (S1704) from Close to my Heart, to stamp these fun rainbow backgrounds (above). The ink colors I used (in order from bottom to top) are Pansy, Pacifica, Willow, Lemon, Goldrush, and Cranberry. I simply started at the bottom of each piece of 4" x 5.25" white daisy cardstock and stamped the trio of hearts close together from left to right, then started each new row with a new color (and there's not much that's "random" about that, lol). It really is amazing what can be done with just one little stamp! I hope you're inspired by my cards and will have fun doing some background stamping of your own!

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Big March 18th Workshop - final details!!

The big day is finally almost here!!

"Triple Treat" Creative Day Retreat!
(a multi-consultant event we will host 3 times a year!)

Saturday, March 18th, 2017
(10:00 am – 4:00 pm)
at Rosita’s Restaurant (in Barstow, CA)

Each guest should plan to PLEASE BRING
your own basic tool kit that includes:
Tape-runner adhesive (and refills)
Mini glue dots and/or glue dots
3d foam tape
Liquid glass or a fine-tip glue pen
Micro-tipped scissors* 
(*very important!! Don't forget these
so you don't have to share/wait on others!)

We also recommend you bring a light sweater
(in case the room is cool) and your camera 
(of course!) to take lots of photos 
with your old and new creative friends!
(we're expecting approximately 25 guests!!)

We will have plenty of adhesives and other 
CTMH products available for purchase at the event,
so remember to bring your checkbook, cash, or your
debit/credit card if you plan to shop.

Rosita's will also have the bar and kitchen open to us, 
so you can purchase your own drinks if you want to 
(I've heard that they have amazing margarita's!) 
or even order a full meal if you're really hungry.

Buffet-style appetizers will be served 
and unlimited refills of ice water and ice tea
will also be available for all paid guests!

Photos of all the layouts and cards we're making are shown
below and I am also including a list of the suggested photo
sizes here in case you want to bring your photos to finish up
your pages completely on this day. You also have the option add
your photos at home later if you'd prefer...it's totally up to you.

Layout #1
1-5x7” tall photo
2-4x6” wide photos

Layout #2
4-4x6” tall photos

Layout #3
1-4x6” tall photo
1-4x6” wide photo
2-4x5” tall photos
1-3x4” tall photo

Layout #4
1-4x4” photo
4-4x6” wide photos
1-3x4” tall photo

I'm so looking forward to seeing all of our
guests on Saturday morning at 10am!! 
If you need to be late, that's okay too, as we'll have up to 
6 full hours to snack, socialize, and create the day away!!

...and don't forget about the random door prize
drawings we'll be doing throughout the day also!!
(one prize will be given away every hour!)
I can't wait to see all of you very soon!!

Jen Rubio

 Lastly, if you're really disappointed that you had to miss this event and are interested in making these cards and 12x12 pages, please let me know!! I'm still able to order and prepare more of these kits for anyone who'd like to make everything seen here, either during any of my regularly scheduled CREATE DATES at my home during April, OR... for any of my online/non-local customers,
I'm happy to begin mailing "Kits-to-Go" starting April 1st!!
Please contact me now to ask about my special pricing.

Friday, February 3, 2017

February Events (featuring Hello Lovely!)

JOIN US for any of my upcoming events in February!!

These are the newest card designs I'm offering
this month ($1.50 each) as part of my "card buffet."
Make them at any of these upcoming CREATE DATES:

Saturday 2/4 (1pm-5pm)
Monday 2/6 (9am-Noon)
Saturday 2/18 Potluck* (10am-5pm)
Sunday 2/19 (1pm-5pm)
Monday 2/20 (9am-Noon)
Monday 2/27 (9am-Noon)

I later decided to revise the Easter Bunny card (shown above). I added some stamped grass and colored the bunny a little differently. I used paper-piecing technique to add the dress. Wouldn't you say that my revision is a little cuter than the first?!! I think so ;)
To see more artwork and ideas using the February SOTM - Easter Bunny (S1702), 
you can begin the monthly Blog Hop HERE!

and I still have some of these cute donut cards left to make too...

Create these elegant layouts (below) with this month's 
HELLO LOVELY Scrapbooking Workshop Kit
($30 for 3-12x12 layouts) on any of these dates:
(RSVP required by 2/11 or 2/18 to guarantee
your kit will arrive in time to use this month).

Saturday 2/4 (1pm-5pm)
Monday 2/6 (9am-Noon)
Saturday 2/18 Potluck* (10am-5pm)
Sunday 2/19 (1pm-5pm)
Monday 2/20 (9am-Noon)
Monday 2/27 (9am-Noon)

Is it okay to Scrapbook the Sad things?

I always tell the scrapbookers I'm teaching that there are NO RULES in scrapbooking! I encourage them that as long as the pages are beautiful and meaningful to them, no one else's opinion matters. Once in while, the difficult question of whether or not to scrapbook the sad times and tragic things that happen in our lives comes up. My answer is that it really IS OKAY to scrapbook the sad things IF you want to! I know not everyone will even want to know some of the details I've captured on my pages below, and not everyone feels comfortable or ready to scrapbook/share/re-live these kinds of things, and that's completely okay too!

I've been holding on to most of the following photos for a few years now, not quite sure exactly "how" to scrapbook them all and do them justice, because they are so very special to my family. Then, Close to my Heart recently came out with an elegant new paper collection and scrapbooking workshop kit (Hello Lovely G1119) that coordinates with these special photos so perfectly!!

WARNING! If you are very sensitive and easily emotionally triggered, you may not want to look at the following images. They include photos of a two-year-old baby in a casket, and we all know that is not an easy thing to see. I realize that these pages may not be for everyone, and I certainly don't want to offend anyone, so please protect your heart and don't look at them if you know you can't handle it (or at least don't look too close).

I'd also like to further explain my WHY for sharing them
and WHY even sad memories can be so emotionally beneficial for us to preserve...

My nephew, Bradley, was born with a rare and not fully understood genetic syndrome. As a newborn, he started very small and failed to thrive. The doctors were uncertain how long he might live. This beautiful child was only here on earth for two short years, and YET his great life made such a vital impact on our family! I watched in awe as my sister and her husband and their children cared for this special needs child with SO MUCH LOVE! They endured many scary medical emergencies and painful situations with grace. They fought to keep him alive with every medical treatment and intervention possible, only to realize that his health continued to deteriorate and that he would eventually need hospice care. His parents and siblings held him, held his hands, kissed him, and surrounded him on the bed, as he took some of his last and final breaths.

While preparing for the inevitable, my sister, who loves creativity and celebrations as much as I do, realized that she would never have the opportunity to throw Bradley another birthday party, or a graduation party, or even a wedding reception. She began taking more pictures, getting them in order and framing the best photos, making silk flower arrangements and table decorations, and organizing in her mind exactly what she wanted to do to make his funeral service as lovely and memorable as possible. 

As the funeral approached, and I saw how much work she was putting into this celebration of his life, I offered to take photos of this day, not quite realizing the difficult task that I had gotten myself into. I snapped photos at every moment I felt I could that seemed appropriate. At times, I felt awkward asking guests to "smile!" and "say cheese" as they looked up at me with tear-stained cheeks. In my mind, I imagined them thinking, "this crazy lady really wants me to smile at a funeral?" as they grinned at me half-heartedly. I wondered if some guests thought I was nuts for taking so many photos of a dead child, but I tried not to think on that too much, as I only wanted my sister to always have one last look at him through photographs, resting in peace, and just as beautiful in death as he was in life. It was uncomfortable at times, but none the less, I feel I was able to capture on camera somewhat, the beauty of that day and all of the love expressed and felt, in spite of the obvious sadness that was very present there also.

My sister has given me permission to share these pages and photos with you, because like me, she understands a few things... 1). that Bradley is such an important part of our family and we never want to forget him! 2). that we want our children and grandchildren to know how special he is to us and how much he continues to be loved and remembered, 3). that scrapbooking and SHARING such hard things can be very therapeutic and healing even, as it allows us to connect with others who have felt similar grief and pains like our own, and 4). it allows our lost loved ones to live on more permanently in our hearts!

This last page (above and below) is one I made with a different paper collection (the retired "Zoe" papers) a few years ago, when I spoke about and presented it on stage during the annual Close to my Heart Convention for consultants (2015). Part of my message to them that day was how important it is to write down whatever stories and memories we can alongside our photos! We won't always be around to tell the full story, and without these details, all you see here is just the release of a bunch of pretty orange balloons. When you "tell the story" permanently in your own written words like I have done, your photos become even more meaningful, and their significance becomes clear...that these balloons represent the great LOVE our family will always share for our sweet little 
Bradley Herrick Brinkerhoff.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scrapbook Layouts for the March 18th Triple Treat Creative Day Retreat!!

I'm excited to finally be ready to reveal... 
the FOUR 12x12 scrapbook page layouts
that guests at our 3/18 workshop will be creating...
featuring the Uptown Fundamentals papers (Z3263)
and Snapshot Complements (Z3309):

(inspired by Cindy Baker of facebook.com/Hometown-Vintage-Retreats-205304899820342/)


(also inspired by Cindy Baker of facebook.com/Hometown-Vintage-Retreats-205304899820342/)


A Close to my Heart Scrapbooking and Card-making Workshop!
(a new multi-consultant event now held three times a year!!!)

Saturday, March 18th, 2017
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
at Rosita’s Restaurant (Barstow, CA)

Workshop prices include buffet-style food/appetizers and unlimited ice water/tea in a large banquet room! A “no host” bar will also be available for those who might want to order their own drinks! PLUS we’ll do a random prize-drawing and give-away every hour! The projects are all “beginner friendly” so invite & bring friends new to ctmh!! (for more chances to win prizes!)

*the early-bird price saves you $5.00!
*$50 pre-paid by February 20th  (or $55 pre-paid by March 1st)
gets you the EVERYTHING kit that includes:
pre-cut materials to create 4 – 12x12 layouts (8 pages!)
and 10 standard-size cards w/ envelopes (2 each of 5 designs)

*$30 pre-paid by February 20th  (or $35 pre-paid by March 1st)
gets you the CARD-MAKING ONLY kit that includes:
pre-cut materials to create 15 cards w/ envelopes (3 each of 5 designs)

**The “EVERYTHING kit” includes full product collections with a retail value of more than $40.00! including Z3263 Uptown Fundamentals paper pack ($14.95), Z3309 Snapshot Complements ($6.95, shown above), Z1985 Gold Shimmer Trim ($4.95), Z3312 Gold Glitter Gems ($3.95), 10 sheets cardstock ($6.50), and 10 card bases w/ envelopes ($3).

Contact your consultant now to RSVP!!
       Addie Ebersohl 760-953-3841
       Jennifer Rubio 760-220-0683
       Loreina Contreras 760-559-1881
       Marti Foster 760-981-2134
       Sandy Robb 760-953-9864